eNvent PMS
eNvent PMS
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PMS is eNvent’s integrated software solution to serve small to large real estate firms. eNvent’s PMS is a web-based property management system, which helps make property management easier and more efficient. It manages all their business activities including customer management, enquiry management, account management, sale management, and human resource management and reporting. PMS Property management software offer flawless integration between all the business segments of any real estate firm and manage all the major components thus giving the user the tools necessary to achieve maximum ROI (Return on Investment). Online property management software (PMS) is used to execute all the jobs from finding tenants to collecting debts. Our PMS system provides additional features which makes it essential in the real estate management industry. Benefits: 1. Flexibility- Property management tool must be flexible enough to meet all the current necessities of landlords or property owners. In case of change in requirements in future property management software (PMS) must be capable of meeting them easily. 2. Ease of use- Managers are not specialized software developers and users therefore the user interface provided for the real estate property management system must be easy to use. Software must be simple to use and must have excellent response time. 3. Platform Independence- Real Estate management software must be platform independent so that it can be accessed from all devices irrespective of operating system used. 4. Security- The most desired characteristic in best real estate management software is security. Software must have access authorization in order to avoid information leak. Tenant’s software must be capable of supporting online money transaction. 5. Customer support- In most cases, consumers using real estate property management software are not software professionals. Moreover, these are complex software’s developed using advanced concepts. Hence, we also provide customer support and technical assistance whenever required. 6. Value- We give our 100% to add real value for our customers. If this is the kind of real estate property management software Solutions Company you want working for you, we invite you to explore our site and we confirm that your involvement with us will be cherished by you.

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New Enquiry Enquiry List Leads List New Booking Booking List Customer List Activate/Deactivate Customer Project Management

Feature Master Land Purchase Land Owner list Legion Type Master Project Planning Project Listing

Invoice List Installment Summery Allotment List HR Management

Employee Master Create Login Application Manager

Agent Profile Change Password Parameter Setting Database Backup Accounts Management

Statement A/c Create Voucher Entry Voucher Listing Balance Sheet Group Trail General Ledger Trail Sub Ledger Trail Reporting

Property Wise Report Enquiry Report Booking Report Profit and Loss Report

eNvent’s PMS
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  • Property management
  • Customer management
  • Enquiry management
  • Account management
  • Sale management
  • Human resource management and reporting
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eNvent PMS
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